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Red Rose
Beautiful and seductive fragrance. Wonderful rose with a touch of citrus.
Red Rose Single Wrapped Votive- $1.49
Red Rose 1 Dz. Votives- $15.95
Brown Sugar Highly Scented Natural Wax Palm Wax 3 wick Pillar Candles
A cleansing blend of bergamot, myrrh and chamomile.
Refreshing Single Wrapped Votive- $1.49
Refreshing 1 Dz. Votives- $15.95
A revitalizing blend of Jasmine, Orange peel, Sandalwood and Peppermint.
Rejuvenation Single Wrapped Votive- $1.49
Rejuvenation 1 Dz. Votives- $15.95
A smoothing blend of Lavender, Sandalwood and Rose Geranium.
Relaxation Single Wrapped Votive- $1.49
Relaxation 1 Dz. Votives- $15.95
Rice Flower & Shea
Light and fresh topical fragrance.
Rice Flower & Shea Single Wrapped Votive- $1.49
Rice Flower & Shea 1 Dz. Boxed Votives- $15.95
Rich sage fragrance. Used for cleansing your soul.
Sage Single Wrapped Votive- $1.49
Sage 1 Dz. Votives- $15.95
A tantalizing blend of Rose Petals and Jasmine.
Sensual Single Wrapped Votive- $1.49
Sensual 1 Dz. Votives- $15.95
Sinus Relief
Peppermint and Eucalytpus blended together for a wonderful fragrance that will cleans your sinuses and have you sighing with relief
Sinus Relief Single Wrapped Votive- $1.49
Sinus Relief 1 Dz. Votives- $15.95
Scented Candles
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