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Spiced Cranberry
A sophisticated blend of fresh Cranberries and wonderful baking spices
Spiced Cranberry Single Wrapped Votive- $1.49
Spiced Cranberry 1 Dz. Votives- $15.95
Spiced Orange
A crisp blend of Sweet Oranges blended with Cinnamon and Nutmeg.
Spiced Orange Single Wrapped Votive- $1.49
Spiced Orange 1 Dz. Votives- $15.95
Fresh and very juicy fragrance of pure strawberries
Strawberry Single Wrapped Votive- $1.49
Strawberry 1 Dz. Boxed Votives- $15.95
Sweet Sandalwood
Soft fragrance of Sandalwood with a touch of sweet Vanilla.
Sweet Sandalwood Single Wrapped Votive- $1.49
Sweet Sandalwood 1 Dz. Votives- $15.95
Elegant Green Tea vlended wit hsweet honeydew and freash pear make this fragrance quite heavenly.
Tovana Single Wrapped Votive- $1.49
Tovana 1 Dz. Boxed Votives- $15.95
A serene blend of Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Chamomile and Ceder.
Tranquility Single Wrapped Votive- $1.49
Tranquility 1 Dz. Votives- $15.95
Tranquil Nights
Fragrance of Spring Rain with the softness of Plumeria and the sweetness of Pear.
Tranquil Nights Single Wrapped Votive- $1.49
Tranquil Nights 1 Dz. Votives- $15.95
Heavenly rich floral fragrance.
Tuberose Single Wrapped Votive- $1.49
Tuberose 1 Dz. Votives- $15.95
Scented Candles
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